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  • Flash: women eat mushrooms can help prevent breast cancer fire
  • Time:2015-03-18  Source:ZhengXun Edible Fungus Growing Co-operatives in Longshan District Liaoyuan City
  • This net - According to statistics, in recent years, China's breast cancer incidence is increasing at an annual rate of 3%, become cancer mortality rate of the fastest growing in the city, and also a trend of gradually younger onset age. Recently, singer Bella died people were sorry for breast cancer. In the face of the fast pace of life and busy work, people must raise awareness of health and cherish health. One study found that eating at least 10 grams per day of fresh mushroom women, your chances of breast cancer were 64% lower than women who do not eat the mushroom. Compared with fresh mushrooms, dried mushrooms protective effect slightly inferior, but can also will halve their risk of developing breast cancer women. Who eat mushrooms and green tea every day a lot more to women, to reduce their risk of developing breast cancer by almost 90%.

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