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  • Edible fungus: indispensable functional food
  • Time:2015-03-26  Source:ZhengXun Edible Fungus Growing Co-operatives in Longshan District Liaoyuan City
  • Chinese academy of agricultural sciences' institute of agricultural resources and agricultural regionalization, a researcher at the national edible fungus industry technology system, chief scientist jin-xia zhang said: "the edible fungus is a kind of functional food, it has a few big characteristics, such as nutrition, delicious, health care is a kind of good choice. Our diets diversified"
    The nutritional value of edible fungi
    Jin-xia zhang said, we evaluate the stand or fall of a kind of food, one is the sense of sweetness, 2 it is nutrition. From nutrients, we from the protein, vitamins, minerals, fat, trace elements, etc, to measure, edible fungus is a kind of high protein, low caloric food, do not contain starch. At the same time the edible contains a lot of vitamin C, vitamin E and B group, contain iron, potassium (40% ~ 45%) of the mineral elements such as minerals, which is to provide energy for the human body can replace sodium potassium. The adipose content in edible fungus rarely, 80% of whom are unsaturated fatty acid, and 80% are beneficial to human body in that 80% oleic acid and linoleic acid, can effectively reduce the "three highs", in the edible fungus also contain prandial fiber, also is beneficial to the intestinal peristalsis and clean. To sum up, the nutrition of edible fungi can be summarized as: high (protein), 2 (starch, cholesterol), two low (sugar, fat), four more (vitamins, amino acids, mineral elements and dietary fiber). For ms, edible fungi have to eliminate free radicals, anti-oxidation function, can effectively slow down the ageing.
    About the black fungus, mushroom and nutrients
    Jin-xia zhang explained, fresh edible fungus contains a substance called porphyrin light, after eating human skin itching and swelling will happen in the sunlight, serious can cause skin necrosis, if the edema in the bronchial mucosa, there will be a difficult to breathe. So fresh black fungus in the sun insolates, decomposition of porphyrin, before eating again soak dried black fungus, can eat. Wet mushrooms and dry mushrooms no how much nutrition, really dry is part of the loss of nutritional value, it will also get new nutrition, so wet mushrooms and dry mushrooms, each has its own nutritional value. We can put a kind of edible fungi as vegetables, at ordinary times on cooking according to his be fond of, and nutrition of edible fungus is high temperature resistant, there is no heating loss of nutrition.
    How to understand edible fungus is a kind of safe agricultural products
    Jin-xia zhang thinks, the raw material of edible fungi is mainly agricultural and sideline products scraps and a large number of wild grass resources, etc., after high temperature sterilization, the growth of edible fungi conform to the requirements of the sterile, clean operation, growth process with the insect nets, no pesticide and insecticide, etc., is a kind of safe agricultural products, as well as the characteristics of edible fungus, mushroom not compete for food with people, not to reclaim land and food, is also a means of income for farmers.
    Cordyceps sinensis is amazing health benefits
    Jin-xia zhang said the Chinese caterpillar fungus is a kind of insect and fungi symbiotic organisms, is also a kind of edible fungi, it has more than we say all the nutritional value of edible fungi contain. But because of cordyceps sinensis on the market at present all of them are wild, not artificial cultivation, is likely to be content with rare for expensive, propaganda and hype concept, prices artificially high.
    Edible fungus industry in China and the national diet balanced relations
    Jin-xia zhang, our country is a nation of edible fungi, 80% of edible fungi in the world are made in China, but from a technical level, we also not edible fungus powers. Japan has had "a glass of milk, a strong national" plan, scientific diet is of great significance to the national physical fitness enhancement. Advocate people consumption, consumption of edible fungi, is not only increase the diversity of food, can cultivate and promote the development of an industry.

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