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  • 2015 China (Qingdao) international edible fungi new product new technology expo sparkling highlights
  • Time:2015-04-08  Source:ZhengXun Edible Fungus Growing Co-operatives in Longshan District Liaoyuan City
  • From May 8 to 11, 2015, Chinese vegetables circulation association jointly by China's edible fungus commerce hosted the "China (Qingdao) international edible fungi new product new technology exposition and market circulation summit" will be held in Qingdao. The exhibition will be around the "new normal, new ideas, new opportunities" development ideas, to "science and technology innovation, production and marketing docking platform, channel information sharing channel" as the theme, fully integrate all kinds of domestic and overseas industry resources, to enrich and optimize the exhibition services, exhibition for the whole industry chain and edible fungus industry products, equipment and technology to provide high-end display stage.
    Window will be looking forward to this exhibition, five aspects.
    One is the meeting content to keep pace with The Times, the frontier idea comprehensive coverage. During the exhibition organizers will revolve around under the "new normal edible fungus industry in China's ecological environment and the innovation and development", "edible fungus networking technology and intelligent production", "region economic development strategy and edible fungus transnational merge all the way", "capital market and product trading way" edible fungi, as well as China's edible fungus product circulation channels and electricity market construction, edible fungi and derivative marketing problems, and held several theme BBS and panel. Will also present industry market, international development and production and processing technology, talents cultivation management, circulation channels construction and product market segmentation for further communication and discussion.
    2 it is variety show rich variety, high-end products. As edible fungus industry's most influential annual event, the exhibition will attract from bacteria to materials at home and abroad, production equipment, deep processing and other fields and the participation of relevant enterprises, there will be edible fungus production mechanization equipment, environmental control equipment and automation systems, intelligent network control system, as well as rare and deep processing products and so on more than 2000 new products, new technology, new equipment all appearance. Event, many well-known enterprises in the industry will not only show the core products, but also release the latest product concept and research direction, promote your brand, sets up the image.
    Three is to integrate industry resources overseas, international exchange channels. China is the world's largest edible fungus production, consumption and export, the global leading role of edible fungus industry has formed. The exhibition organizers of the internationalization of business affairs of Chinese edible fungi make full use of its own platform and overseas expert team resources, actively publicize and promote the exhibition contents, guide foreign professionals attending exhibition. It is reported that this exhibition will have hundreds of edible fungus research institutions from overseas countries and regions, production and processing enterprises, mushrooms, head of the farm and other units to communication, building and interconnectivity of edible fungi industry channels, further realizes the edible fungus industry in China and international standards.
    Four is to visit the projects are unique, typical innovation model is worth using for reference. Exhibition venue of Qingdao city there are a lot of bright spots, edible fungi industry of Qingdao huasheng company will photovoltaic and edible fungus production cross-border integration of resources, innovative photovoltaic edible fungus industry pattern; Qingdao of shenyang agricultural products wholesale market is one of the five major agricultural and sideline products wholesale market, is jiaodong peninsula edible fungus product price center, information center and product sale in domestic market and export the main distribution center. During the exhibition organizers will arrange the delegates to visit Qingdao local mushroom factory, such as photovoltaic (pv) edible fungus industry base, is worthy of reference for the industry tongren, learning and communication.
    5 it is quality and efficient service team, platform security upgrade. Business affairs of the organizers of Chinese edible fungi and edible fungus editorial office market has an efficient service team, more to organize the work in the exhibition experience for many years. Exhibition is located in shandong Qingdao international NongZhan center with convenient transportation, complete functions, is the set of meetings, exhibitions, business is equal to the integration of large-scale comprehensive modern exhibition venues. First-class hardware facilities and a high standard of professional services, will be to create an international edible fungi, the exhibition for exhibitors and participants to provide an excellent platform products display and communication studies.
    Qingdao in May, the red tiles, green trees and blue sky and the scenery beautiful. May be held in Qingdao international event of edible fungus industry, is looking forward to the industry colleagues to participate in with open arms!

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