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  • About to promote agricultural products processing technology innovation and promotion notice
  • Time:2015-04-20  Source:ZhengXun Edible Fungus Growing Co-operatives in Longshan District Liaoyuan City
  • Recently, the ministry of agriculture issued the about promote the agricultural products processing technology innovation and promotion notice, require the agricultural product processing industry management departments at all levels to the agricultural product processing industry science and technology innovation and promotion as the core, strive to be a major new breakthrough on the key technology and equipment innovation promotion transformation, the system mechanism innovation and talent team construction, the new progress on the new promotion in the independent innovation ability construction, to promote the sustained stable healthy development of the agricultural product processing industry to provide strong support of science and technology and talents.
    "Notice" pointed out that at present, our country agricultural product processing industry is in rapid growth stage to quality improvement and stable stage of development, accelerate the innovation development strategy, is the inevitable choice of agricultural product processing industry under the new normal development, to enhance market competitiveness, promote the development of industry transformation, to ensure food safety and effective supply is of great significance and positive role. To continuously strengthen the agricultural products processing major generic key technology innovation ability, adhere to the problem oriented, aimed at international leading and important common key problems, according to the whole chain design, integration, plan as a whole, collaborative interaction between upstream and downstream industry chain innovation between each link, in the deep processing and comprehensive utilization of by-products and energy conservation and emissions reduction on the basic theory and general technology and major equipment, major breakthrough.
    Stressed that the "notice" to speed up the enhance the level of agricultural origin pretreating technology and equipment, strengthening agricultural drying fresh-keeping generic key technology innovation and the promotion, continuously enhance the level of grain and other agricultural commodities postnatal impairment. Actively guide the traditional inheritance innovation in food and food processing technology, improve action for staple food processing industry, strengthen the development of traditional foods, actively guide the traditional food and food processing enterprises to strengthen technical innovation and industrial upgrading, and cultivate a batch of innovation-driven brand enterprise. Vigorously promote the agricultural product processing and transformation of scientific and technological achievements to promote the application, adhere to form a complete set of mature technology selection, technology integration and promotion of integrated design, industrialization, developing promotion of mature technology to screen; To strengthen the construction of platform for transformation of scientific and technological achievements to promote and accelerate the Internet with the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, promote scientific and technological achievements transformation and application of high efficiency. Efforts to promote the standardization and brand cultivation, further improving the agricultural products processing standard system, synchronized advancement of science and technology innovation, standards development and the industrial development, further strengthened enterprise applications in standard created the important position; Actively implement the strategy of agricultural products processing brand, speed up the cultivation of outstanding characteristics, type, variety, strong core competitiveness, influence range brand of agricultural products processing.
    "Notice" requirements, we will continue to improve the agricultural products processing science and technology innovation system, further strengthen the construction of national agricultural products processing technology research and development system, perfect the KeQi cooperation mechanism, building open sharing interactive platform for the innovation, strengthen technology integration base construction, strengthen the local agricultural products processing technology innovation system construction, speed up the cultivation of scientific and technological innovation in the small giant. To further strengthen the construction of agricultural products processing innovative talent team. Insist on innovation and personnel training propulsive synchronous, further perfect competition incentive mechanism, improve the system of talent evaluation, maximum limit arouse the science and technology personnel of creative spirit and creative enthusiasm. Attaches great importance to the entrepreneur team construction, strengthen the consciousness of responsibility, integrity and innovation consciousness, improve the management ability and innovation ability.

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