• Xianggu mushroom pork noodlesTime:2015/04/06
  • Xianggu mushroom pork noodles Ingredients: mushroom, pork belly, carved wine, spices, sugar, spring Onions, cooking oil, salt, soy sauce Cooking method:1, meat piace thenminto (or ground), mushroom and soaked them after dicing;Heat a little oil pan, add 2, xianggu mushroom stir-fried incense;3, add in minced meat to fry to change color;4, add a little carved wine (or rice wine);5, adding suitable amount of soy sauce, five-spice powder, sugar, onion cake;6, add a little to boil, turn a small fire stew stew for a while until sauce thickened;7, noodles cooked in boiling water, remove back int...
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